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How do one define one as google lover, addicted etc./

Simple! If you know, and are familiar with majority of offering and product of the company, you may be loving it. In my case, it is Google, who is and going to dominate our world with wide range of product line.


Google itself having 100’s of sister products excluding Search, AdWord and AdSense. It is ranging from Google Labs to Blogger, Groups, Notes, News, Alerts, Dictionary and lot more including wave from labs, CheckOut, SMS and Gmail.

Browser History

Right now (April 02, 2011) shows my Web History as,

and yeah, i know there may be trouble enabling Web History (Privacy!!), but i ‘d love to check my previous search results via Web History when I am having difficulty recalling things I would have searched in past. So, in such difficult time, Web History helps a lot to find a particular keyword or results, moreover it is having trends and analytics feature, which shows current trend and usage along with timestamps related to one’s search!


One should use Google Support  in order to get rid of problems in their Apps and other google based paid service.

Above URL is kind of feature-rich extensive Search API  me ! I have attached it to Opera default search engine with tweaked 100 results, xx-hacker language and Unicode utf-8 encoding. So, no more next.. next..!

~ Google show maximum 9 * 100 = 900 result for particular keyword. 100 result each page and 9 pages!


Several other products, which Google serves at their best!

Dashboard is very great feature to inquire all data related to Google and their Apps.



No doubt, Gmail is one of the best products of Google, with lots of customization in theme, Priority Inbox, Lab Addons and free POP3 and IMAP for external support !

They do even provide Patent Search, Market/Finance Report, Currency Converter ! ie. 1 USD = ? INR


Google Analytics is very cool feature of them to have their watch in almost all website ! They do track us ! lol  Whatever they might be doing, its great feature to track visitors and improve traffic via some seo.


Google Realtime Search to query search feed of twitter, news and facebook with timeline.


Google Web Fonts lets one use all the fonts available via the Google Web Fonts API in one’s website ! All fonts are available in the directory for preview. Typographers and graphic designers would love to add their custom font types in there.


Apps Status Dashboard – to check integrity of current App and downtime/failure/unavailability categorized as No Issues | Service disruption | Service outage | Information available ! 🙂





!(about me)

(TMI version)

Hmm, here is bit verbose chronological timeline of not so fancy evolution.

age < 9 years old me

I was introduced to the tech by means of console and computer games in early 90s, 3rd gen of video game consoles with 8/16-bit graphic support and cartridge ROM filled with 1 to “9999999 in 1” games in it. Can recall those days when I used to play Dangerous Dave, Aladdin and Prince of Persia in DOS at my dad’s office.

Game Cartridge
Dangerous Dave

age > 9 && age <= 13 years old me
With inception of Windows 95, Dad upgraded system with Autocad and DWG drawing files to move from paper-based floor plans to more digitalized version. That’s the time I was introduced to another one of commands “win” to start GUI version!

Windows 98 and NT/2000 (learned how to boot and install) made me learn those Folder.htt (HTML Template for folder layouts) and Desktop.ini (autoruns, drive icons, and labels) tweaks and animated cursors (.ani) and GIF files!

This is the time when I had dial-up 56K modem making sound, and saw (not-so-clear) internals of ILOVEYOU and Redlof via Notepad and tried to stop folder.htt being spread all over the drive and floppy disk. :facepalm

I was also involved into Community Science Center (other names: CSC, Sunday Science Center) which exposed me to Astronomy, Electronics (555 Timer, Dynamo, Lemon battery concept :: generating electricity from array of potato coupled with zinc and copper to lit up LED, soldering iron and resistors), Chemistry (acid / base) and Physics (Sound waves, Periscope, Magnets, Gravity, Solar System, Energy Conversion and Electronics). Interestingly, this place also included one day for Meditation [eyes closed / focus on tip of the nose (optional) / breath in-hold-out].

age > 13 && age <= 17 years old me
Let’s fast forward with keywords (in no order): Age of Empire (strategy game), XP, Batch Scripting, VMware, KNOPPIX, Pascal, HTML, RegEdit, MSDN, Visual Basic 5/6 (Windows API / DLL Libraries, WinSock, VB Modules and Macros), bits of reverse engineering, WinDBg (so-so), UPX Packer, PEiD, Hiren’s Boot CD, etc.

age > 17 && age <= 22 years old me
gibberish tags: Moved to Mangalore City for B.E. IT (Got introduced to everything English): CS/CZ, Linux (Backtrack / Ubuntu with Gnome Desktop), Servers, Routers, VNC, Google Dorks, cUrl, crawlers, algorithm, PHP, JavaScript, mysql, phpMyAdmin, domains/dns, cloud / VPS (Xen, virtualization, KVM), IRC, data centers, multi Gbit connections, co-location, servers, benchmarking, analytics, streaming, load balancing, security, DDoS Protection, IDS/IPS, XSS, SQLi, API Integration, Backup and Migration, and more importantly realization of individuals such as RMS (computing), ESR (How to become a hacker / Asking a question smart way) and Torvalds (Linus). Had a far sight on competitive programming, GSoC, FB HackerCup.

age > 22 && age <= 25 years old me
gibberish tags: Moved to Bangalore City seeking for different perspective and startup environment: Startups, Java, Python, Guest Talks on security, startups and open source initiatives; joined g4h, null community (which formed after andhrahackers/pakbugs/iskorpitx/TeaMp0isoN/security-sh3ll era). boot camps, started working with/at HackerEarth, designing CTF portals, mentoring hackathons of all kind, competitions and evaluation of current tech field.

Tags: IoT, Security, Scale, Mobile, Cloud, RTL-SDR, Innovation, Ideas, Initiatives, etc.

age >= 25 years old me
Moved to NJ/NY area (pursuit of exploring west): Passion towards security dragged me to pursuing MS in Cyber Security at Saint Peter’s University, NJ where I spend time on research, cool new hardware and do open source contribution through various means. Working on some initiatives comprising boot camps, mentoring undergraduate students, spreading awareness about Linux and open source ecosystem.

Some Hobiz:

  • Photography (flickr)
  • Music (spotify) / TV Series (IMDB))
  • Travel: So far, I covered most of the states in India; Rest are Thailand, Dubai, UK, sneak-peek of Iceland, and USA (NJ, NY, PA, IN, KY, OH, IL, MI, WI, NC, VA, TX, OK, NV, AZ, UT, WA, and CA)
  • Cooking, Running and Reading
  • Now, if you want to skip everything gibberish and know something different, by which you may attain further clarity by exploring perspective on the page and things I am involved in.  

    PS: I’ll spend sometime on improving UI/UX of the blog, ATM it appears to be super cluttered to me.

    Have you tried Google’s Open-Public DNS?

    Have you tried Google’s DNS?

    Some morning Google announced that they’re now running a free DNS server for everyone to use.

    So, these are the IP addresses of Google’s DNS server: and .

    Interesting and unexpected.

    Why? Obviously they get a lot of data — all the sites we’re visiting.

    Have you tried it? If not, why not?
    If so, how is it? They say it's faster -- is it?
    They say they won't screw with it. Do you believe them?

    FYI: I’m using it here on my LAN. Just changed the configuration of my router, so all my machines will start using their DNS.

    You may also like to try OpenDNS,


    Level3 operates fast public DNS servers on easy to remember IPs: