Guest Talk

Guest Talk at NIT-Patna

under Computer Society of India ( it was a miniature version of TEDx with not-so diverse spectators )

Topics covered:

  • Contributing to Open Source Projects
  • Linux and power of CLI tools
  • Hacking/Security
  • Internet culture, Laws and Piracy

Talk at National Institute of Technology was of about straight 5 hours which included 1 hour quiz section. Topics were outcome of thorough research and single aim to bring up aspects which would actually impact students and help them become better version of their self. Talk on diverse tech topic, quiz session and interaction was so great that it encouraged students to easily get involved into open source world, internet security and startup culture. During my presence, I brainstormed them with creative ideas, internet culture and Netizen ideology.

Distributed Xperia Device and 2x128GB SanDisk USB Flash Drive to winners.

Met wonderful students like Rohit Kashyap and Divya Upadhyay who seem to be doing super well these days.

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