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love you my motherland – missing lots of things while journey ;)

In last couple of days I stumbled upon lot of wonderful things (tech / non-tech)

(27th-28th FEB)

While I was traveling by train. I had a nap in daytime and was intensely thinking about pretty much anything with closed eyes. Diverse aspects running in my subconscious mind.  🙄

Thought 1

And in consecutive days, I was busy creating bootable USBs to fix friend’s computer. My favorite is Hiren’s Boot CD and GParted.

Thought 2

During these days, I got 25$ from my mate whom I worked with, and I was thinking to spend this money to purchase domain name to host some analytics project, open source code I worked on and found online; but abhi9 was in need of RapidShare account and last account that we had just got expired four days back, so I changed my mind and purchased 16.99EUR with 3 month validity – RS Account. 😉

Thought 3

Yesterday, college HODs of CS and IS department faced worse situation in their career. Chairman and his right-hand blasted on them and told them to resign with foul language. Sad. 🙁

Update: It was more of an anger issue, and everything seem to be okay, fingers crossed.

Thought 4

While searching blindly, I found some strange yet current trend (twenty ten) of File Sharing.

Underground business operations and all! :$

Bobby Chang, a COO of, one of the worlds most visited websites, with an Alexa ranking of just 15 (at the time of writing this post)!

He recalled this quote of Steve, Steve Jobs. I think he is a great man and has created great things. And what is more, he has always hit the nerve of the consumer.

PS:  Steve Jobs, founder and CEO* of Apple, Inc.

Links :~

Thought 6

and some other things.. lyk..

Thought 7

and some files hosted on

  • Google Pages:
  • turned  into

I don’t have problem with that but transformation process from Google Pages to ruined all my fancy looking GIF files.

So far, GIFs are not showing motion!   Emoticons Flooding through me:   😛 😛 ;-( :((

:(( :'(

Thought 8

Whenever I get to travel through train, I feel like getting a chance to explore myself, opening myself to lot more ideas, which tempts me to take random note on all the vague ideas.

Will dig up other things, gotta go as I recovered 4GB flash drive,  whose data should be restored to some secure storage medium.