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Its all about bulk VTU Result !

Heya, my mates ❗
Glad 2 declare public version of my small creation, which shows Mass VTU Result.

Let me enlighten this stuff..

`De Facto  🙄

~ This will fetch result from ( Simply depandant ! )

~ Currently, I’m using free hosting 👿 which allows only 30 second Script Execution. So kindly fetch 1 – 15 |  16 – 30 | 31 – 45 and likewise or else it wont show desired output .  LOL  😆

  • -/ Will make OLD || PreFatch Section in my free time where you people can easily find previously fetched results by other students/professors. 8)
  • -/ I would love to get ± feedback(s) :P, Curious geeks directly contact me to discuss/develop this stuff to take bulk vtu result to its next level !!  😀
  • -/ It will only fetch result of perticuler batch &&  department.
  • -/ And yeah ! this one is use full stuff while VTU wont give us direct database access and we need to do analysis being HOD, lecturer or as analytic !

Link(s) :-

VTU MASS  Result Viewer

VTU Simple Result

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