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Deceptive websites, Bloatware, Extensions, DriveBy downloads and what not!

Something I encountered in January, and read about how Chromium is improving core security via safe browsing program.
Saw this on one of the lecturer’s virtual login, some non-tech lecturer actually panicked and called IT Desk. This page not only shows fake warning, but also plays automated audio scaring shit out of someone who isn’t aware of such scams.

Quick whois revealed AWS based IP was hosting this page, Google Chrome already flagged this IP and AWS terminated instance, happy ending!

In everyday life, we see these deceiving websites more often on gray streaming websites, torrents and even some legit websites unknowingly spreading it through advertisers medium.  

FTC website has really good resources on how one can identify and report such phony tech support scam. Hoax Slayer and PCRisk (though, I am not sure about product Combo Cleaner, which PCRisk appear to be advertising on their website).


Photo of how screen looked before IT guy came and figured that it was a hoax.