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macOS | Brew Log

a missing package manager and useful commands

Brew is a package manager initiative started by Max Howell for macOS, it installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t ship in macOS terminal.

To Install Homebrew, just paste below command in iTerm or Terminal:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

^ Note: It may ask you for password, and once done, shall allow you to install many (but not all) Linux packages generally found in Ubuntu repository.

This Gist contains some of the command-line packages I use, Tried to add explanation as per my understanding and manual.

Note that there’re still many packages that I use in Linux appears to be missing (free, iotop, etc). Feel free to join Homebrew community to add missing components or to just explore!

In reality, brew is more similar to FreeBSD’s Ports / Unix system than Linux’s apt or yum.

Kind of hybrid source code and binary system: Initially it would prefer binary, but if no binary available for requested package, than it would simply download the tarball containing source code and compile it — compilation doesn’t time much time in today’s high performance Macs.

To learn more about this missing macOS package manager, buzz them up on IRC ( Be polite and concise while seeking help from the volunteers on IRC!