socking news – got defaced – hacked

lurid news !! 😯

feeling shocked to see luridness in early morning !!

🙁 :'( 😀

I was googling about faster vtu result and was checking site and their functionality

Further queries in BING displayed unbelievable thing that site defaced by so-called hacker ‘GHOST OF IRAQ‘ from so many days and page is still exist on their site !! LOL !

~ They should take some care about security and tends to delete these kind of defacement page !! :mrgreen:

Furthermore geeky search about hack  displayed mirror of hack.


~ Defaced Page :-

~ Prof of Concept :- owned-m

FYI:  💡

~They are using iframe(s) for quicker result, multithreaded connections from user`s IP to…  And it seems lyk det site faced HOSTING suspension !!

~ PS: Better to use grid nodes to serve fast result rather then direct thread to result-SVR !! :p

* Note: All information on Myaw® is for educational purposes only

gtg n0w !! feelin sl33py as usual !! 🙄 😈

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