Hell0w w0|2ld !!

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Hello, fellow Netizen, praying

This is my post being myau.  😉

Basically it is a CAT lover typo !! myao, myaw, mayv, blah blah !! LOL

Let me establish this stuff within desired time! whistling!

I would love to add misc stuffs and to make ~myau content rich and needy. 😀

Meanwhile, i need suggestions and features from everyone and  aspecially g33ks.  :$

G33k 1.0

myau rose :p


  1. [vaMPirES] [C] >>ViNaYaK February 8, 2010

    HI this is 2nd comment 😀

    not test

    comment found working

    how r u dude

    hop 2 see u in cz 😀

    and nice site

  2. admin February 8, 2010

    Aww, Glad to see comments in underdevelopment project. Thanks a lot mi8 🙂

  3. D.K February 9, 2010

    sexyo site ! 😀

  4. admin February 9, 2010

    thX DK jaani !! :-)) :-** 🙂

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