HI there stranger!

I am Mayur Pipaliya

/,ma u r/ from Kathiawar, India. 27 earth year old Linux geek, a student, an engineer, who likes to wander lately into security bug bounties and grill new technologies on the web.
I love messing around cutting-edge tools and ideas to engage even further with technologies and enjoys hacking projects for fun, profit and work!

Right now, Saint Peter's University (NJ, USA) is hosting me as a graduate student for their MS in Cyber Security program, I spend most of my time on bootcamps on linux/opensource/security, launching new initiatives, security hardwares (HackRF, LAN Turtle), spreading awareness about open source technologies and exploring new ways to mentor fellow students.

Involved into weekend bootcamps, tech meetups, and conferences in NY/NJ area. When AFK, Rarely but religiously I do absurd amount of binge-watching latest episode of Mr Robot, House of Cards, The Big Bang Theory, Arrow and sometimes old shows like Dexter, South Park, Archer and Two and half men. Apart from sitcoms. I am coffee lover & like to do random photography.

I read on Kindle, cook several dishes, listens to diverse music, travel like a wanderer and help others in order to seek different perception through the senses.

/me roars


Mail Me MayurYa @ freenode